Everything you need to know about AshrafiehCrown
Who are we?

Who are we?A distinct vision for urban living.

AshrafiehCrown is a inspiring residential project, from both the architectural and interior design viewpoints, where the singular visions of the Developer and Architect are perfectly in sync, creating the ultimate experience for the resident.

How are we special?

How are we special?We bring creative passions to life.

As if this unusual composition isn’t enough representative of the building’s distinct identity, the three components housing the apartments naturally culminate in the form of a majestic Crown, home to exquisite villas and duplexes.

What is our force?

What is our force?We create a distinctive residence.

The pillars, most impressive when admired from the exterior, are holding the structure in place, standing up like a tall and healthy stem with three branches, topped with a Crown. The design of the Crown bears resemblance to a Village.

Technical Specifications


At AshrafiehCrown, each property is conceived to a remarkably high standard, designed to echo the residents’ expectations of both quality and originality.

Genuine natural materials blend flawlessly with high-end design, to ensure that this new Ashrafieh gem becomes an instant favorite.

The quality of the exterior and interior finishing shines through, from inception to completion.



  • Anti-seismic design
  • Natural stone and aluminum panels cladding
  • Double walls
  • Double glazing
  • High quality aluminum window frames
  • 1 Parking space for each apartment (extra parking slots available)
  • High speed elevators
  • Video phone system
  • Generator
  • Water treatment


  • Separate air conditioning individually operated in each room
  • Individual heating system with radiators
  • Electrical accessories of the highest standard
  • Sanitary ware and fittings of European standard
  • High-end kitchen furnishing
  • Marble tiling for living rooms and guest toilets
  • First choice ceramic tiles for kitchen floors and bedrooms
  • Quality veneered main doors
  • Oil paint finishing for interior doors
  • Developement by

    M5 Developers
  • Design Architects

  • Sales / Marketing

  • Financial Solutions

  • Financial Solutions

    Audi Bank